Consider the following three statements. A)Social divisions take place when social differences overlap. B) It is possible that a person can have multiple identities. C) Social divisions exist in only big countries like India. Which of the statements is/are correct? i) A, B and C ii) A and B iii) B and C iv) Only C

Answer: The correct answer is option (ii) A & B.

  • In most of the countries one or the other kind of social divisions exists.
  • Irrespective of the size of the country whether big or small, social divisions exist. Belgium has many communities although it is a small country, India is a large country and has many communities.
  • In the US, the differences between Whites and Blacks have become a social division since the blacks face discrimination, they are homeless and tend to be poor.
  • In India, Dalits face injustice, discrimination and they tend to be landless and poor.
  • Social divisions are not created by each and every social difference.
  • Social differences can unite different people as well as divide similar people.
  • Social divisions arise when people start feeling that they belong to different communities, as one type of social difference takes precedence over other differences.
  • It is easier to accommodate social differences that are cross-cutting.

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