A Spherical Ball Contracts In Volume By 0.01 % When Subjected To A Normal Uniform Pressure Of 100atm. The Bulk Modulus Of Its Material Is

As the spherical contracts in volume by 0.01%

= [latex] \frac{\Delta v}{v} = \frac{0.01}{100}[/latex]

We know that Bulk modulus ‘B’ is given by

B = [latex] \frac{pressure (p)}{volume strain (\frac{\Delta v}{v})}[/latex]

= B = [latex] \frac{100 * 1.01 * 10^{5}}{\frac{0.01}{100}}[/latex]

Since 1atm = [latex] 1.01 * 10^{5} N/M^{2}[/latex]

= B = [latex] 1.01 * 10^{11} NM^{-2} [/latex]

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