A started a business with Rs.2, 70, 000 and was joined by B three months afterwards. how much money did B invest if the profit share of A at the end of the year was three- fifth of the total profit?


Let us assume the profit to be x

The profit of A will be 3/5 x

profit of B will be x – 3/5 x

x – 3/5 x = 2/5 x

∴ profit of B will be 2/5 x

Now we will find the ratio of profit

A : B = 3/5x : 2/5 x

A / B = 3/5 × 5/2

A / B = 3 : 2

270000 (This is the contribution of A)

2/3 × 270000 = 180000 (This is the contribution of B)

Hence, B invested Rs. 180000

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