A Stone Falls Freely From Rest From A Height H And It Travels A Distance

The flight is of time t then height fallen in time t will be h = \(\frac{1}{2} gt^{2}\)

The height fallen in time t−1 second will be \(h_{1} = \frac{1}{2} g(t – 1)^{2}\)

The displacement of last second will be \(h – h_{1} = \frac{g}{2} (t^{2} – ^{2} – 1 + 2t)\)

As given

\(\frac{h – h_{1}}{h} = \frac{9}{25}\)

By solving the above equation, we get

\(\frac{2t – 1}{t^{2}}\) \(\Rightarrow \frac{9}{25}\)

Now t = 5 seconds

so, h = \(\frac{1}{2} * 9.8 * 5^{2} \) \( \Rightarrow 122.5 meter\)

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