A student has difficulty reading the blackboard while sitting in the last row. What could be the defect the child is suffering from? How can it be corrected?

The student is suffering from short-sightedness or myopia. Myopia can be corrected by the use of a concave or diverging lens of appropriate power.


Myopia or Nearsightedness occurs when the eye loses its ability to focus on far-off objects as the lenses do not possess a long focal length. Objects that are near are clearly visible to patients of this defect.

Symptoms of Myopia

  • Squinting and frowning.
  • Short-sighted people may suffer from tired eyes and severe headaches by overstraining their eyes.
  • Facing difficulty in reading the alphabets or letters from a specific distance.

Treatment for myopia

A diverging lens can be used to fix the problem of nearsightedness or myopia. In this type, the image formed is blurry as the light rays will not diverging at the right point and creating a focused image. The rays get focused before it reaches the retina. The convergence of the light rays takes place due to the cornea producing an image on the retina

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