A student multiplied 7236 by 65 instead of multiplying by 56. By how much was his answer greater than the correct answer?

Given that

The student multiplied the number 7236 by 65 instead of 56

We need to find out

We need to find out by how much was his answer greater than the correct answer?


As per the given conditions

The student had to multiply 7236 by 56

So 7236 x 56 ——(i) which is the correct one

But the student multiplied by 65

Sp 7236 x 65 ———(ii) which is the wrong one

Hence the difference between the correct and the incorrect value can be calculated by subtracting the two above obtained equations (i) and (ii). That is

7236 x 65 – 7236 x 56

Taking out 7236 as the common factor

=7236 (65-56)

=7236 (9)

= 7236 x 9

= 65124


Therefore the first answer was greater than the second one by the value 65124.


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