A study in Ahmedabad found that out of 15,00,000 workers in the city, 11,00,000 worked in the unorganised sector. The total income of the city in this year (1997-1998) was Rs 60,000 million. Out of this Rs 32,000 million was generated in the organised sector. Present this data as a table. What kind of ways should be thought of for generating more employment in the city?

The above information is given in the below table.


Income (Rupees)

Organised Sector


32,000 million

Unorganised sector


28,000 million



60,000 million

Some of the ways of generating more employment would be:

  • Bring in more investment from Multinational companies by making favourable government policies.
  • Give cheap credit to small businesses so that they can scale up and generate more employment.
  • Building better infrastructure, providing cheap electricity, giving tax benefits to companies would attract more organised sector employers.
  • Another long term strategy would be to concentrate on the education sector, it will help students to gain the necessary skills to work in the organised sector.
  • Bring in more services and manufacturing companies to increase employment.

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