A transistor can be used as

Following are the ways in which transistor can be used as:

  • Transistor as a switch
  • Transistor as an amplifier
  • Transistor as an oscillator
  • Transistor as an inverter

Transistor as a switch

A transistor can be used as a switch for opening and closing of the circuit. It is a solid-state switching with significant reliability and lesser cost. NPN and PNP transistors are used as switches.

Transistor as an amplifier
A transistor can also act as an amplifier. It is used as an amplifier to raise the strength of a weak signal.

Transistor as an oscillator

A transistor is used as an oscillator for the production of continuous undamped oscillations of any desired frequencies.

Transistor as an inverter

A transistor can also be used as an inverter for converting dc into ac. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Field-Effect Transistor (FET), and Gate-Turn-Off Thyristor (GTO) are used for the conversion.

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