A tuning fork is used to produce resonance in a glass tube. The length of the air column in this tube can be adjusted by a variable piston. At room temperature of 27 degree C two successive resonances are produced at 20 cm and 73 cm column length. If the frequency of the tuning fork is 320 Hz, the velocity of sound in air at 27 degree C is: (A) 330 m/s (B) 339 m/s (C) 350 m/s (D) 300 m/s

Given two successive resonance is produced,

Hence, using the formula,

Formula of resonance V = 2f(l2 – l1)

On substituting, we get,

V = 2 x 320(0.73 – 0.2)

V = 640 x 0.53

V = 339.2 m/s

Therefore, the correct option is (B)

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