A wheel is at rest. Its angular velocity increases uniformly and becomes 80 radians second after 5 seconds. the total angular displacement is:

\(\omega _{0}=0 (at rest)\)Angular velocity \(\omega\)= 80 rad/s
Time taken t = 5 sec
\(total displacement (0)=\omega _{0} t+\frac{1}{2}\alpha t^{2}\)\(\omega^{2} =\omega _{0}^{2} +{2}\alpha\theta\)\(\theta =\frac{\omega^{2}-\omega _{0}^{2}}{2\alpha }\)\(\alpha =\frac{\omega -\omega _{0}}{t}\)\(\alpha =\frac{80^{2}- (0)}{2*\frac{80-0}{5}}\)= 200 radian

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