A Wire Of Fixed Length Is Wound On A Solenoid Of Length L And Radius R. Its Self Inductance Is Found To Be L. Now, If Same Wire Is Wound On A Solenoid Of Length 1/2 And Radius R/2, Then Self Inductance Will Be


\(L = \mu _{0} * n^{2} * V\)


n is the number of turns per unit length

V → Volume of cylinder

\(\Rightarrow \mu _{0} * \frac{n^{2}}{l^{2}} * \Pi r^{2} * 1\) \(\Rightarrow L = \frac{\mu _{0}n^{2}\Pi r^{2}}{l}\)

Let length of wire be\( l_{1}\)

\(l_{1} = (2\Pi r) * n \\\Rightarrow n = (\frac{l_{1}}{2\Pi r})\\L = \frac{\mu _{0}\Pi r^{2}}{1} * \frac{l^{2}}{4\Pi^{2} r^{2}} = \frac{\mu _{0} l^{2}}{4\Pi l}\\\Rightarrow L \propto \frac{l}{l} = \frac{L_{2}}{L_{1}} = \frac{l}{L_{2}}=\frac{l}{\frac{l}{2}} = 2\)

Therefore, \(L_{2} = 2L_{1}\)

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