A woman starts from her home at 900 am walks walks with a speed of 5 km h-1 on a straight road up to her office 2.5 km away, stays at the office up to 5.00 pm, and returns home by an auto with a speed of 25 km h-1. Choose suitable scales and plot the x-t graph of her motion.


Speed of the woman = 5 km/h

Distance of office from home = 2.5 km

As we know,

Time Taken  =  Distance / Speed = 2.5/5 =  0.5h = 30 min

Thw woman covers the same distance in the evening by an auto with a speed of 25km/hr

Therefore, time taken to return back home,

Time Taken  =  Distance / Speed

= 2.5/25

=  1/10 hour

= 0.1 hour

= 6 min

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