A year starting with Monday and ending with Tuesday. How many days are there from 16th January to 15th march of that year?


A normal year starts and ends at the same day. The leap year, on the other hand, will always begin on one day of the week and end on the next day of the week. In this question the mentioned year is leap year.

Now we calculate the number of days from 16th January to 15th march.

  • Number of days from 16th January to 31st January = 16 days.
  • Number of days in the month of February(Leap year) = 29days.
  • Number of days from 1st March to 15th March = 15days.

Adding number of days in all the three months = 16 + 29 + 15 = 60 Days.

Thus, the number of days from 16th January to 15th March is 60 days.

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