Abscissa of a point is positive in. (a) I and II quadrants (b) I and IV quadrants (c) I quadrant only (d) II quadrant only

In the coordinate system, the ordinate is the second component of an ordered pair. For example, if (x, y) is an ordered pair, then y is the ordinate here. An ordered pair is used to denote a point in the Cartesian plane and the first coordinate (x), in the plane, is called the abscissa.

The distance of a point from y-axis scaled with the x-axis is called abscissa or x coordinate of the point. The distance of a point from x-axis scaled with the y-axis is called ordinate. The abscissa and ordinate all together are called coordinates.

Using the information, we can conclude the following:

The signs of the coordinates in

First quadrant = (+, +)

Second quadrant = (-, +)

Third quadrant = (-, -)

Fourth quadrant = (+, -)

Hence, the abscissa of the point is positive in the first and fourth quadrant

So, the correct option is (b)

Abscissa of a point

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