According to Charles' Law, the volume of a gas increases or decreases by ------------of its original volume at 0^0C for each degree centigrade rise or ------------


Charle’s law states that, “Pressure remaining constant, the volume of a given mass of dry gas increases or decreases by 1/273 of its original volume at 00C for each degree centigrade rise or fall in temperature.

Charles Law Formula

Charles’ law states that, at constant pressure, the volume of an ideal gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature. A detailed description of how gas expands when the temperature is increased is provided by Charles’ Law. Alternatively, it can lead to a reduction in volume when there is a drop in temperature.

Charle’s Law formula is expressed as,



V– Initial volume

VF – Final volume

T– Intial absolute temperature

TF – Final absolute temperature

We should note that the temperatures are absolute temperatures, that are measured in Kelvin, not in ⁰F or ⁰C.



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