Advantages and disadvantages of dams.


For various reasons, dams are said to be a significant source of water and of extreme importance. They provide water for various purposes, like domestic use, irrigation purposes, as well as for industrial applications.

Advantages of dams

There are many advantages of dams, which is why so much money and effort goes into constructing and maintaining them. Some of the benefits are:

  • With the assistance of hydroelectricity or hydroelectric power, electricity is generated at a steady rate.
  • For the use of another time, water is preserved.
  • For irrigation purposes, water sports or even other types of pleasurable activities, the lake or reservoir built behind the dam may also be used.
  • The buildup of water within the lake ensures that when required and also when water is released for electricity production, the energy can be stored.
  • When used the electricity generated by the dams does not generate greenhouse gases and therefore does not cause pollution.

Disadvantages of dams

There are many benefits of constructing a dam, which is why a state spends so much money in building and maintaining dams. But there are also drawbacks that are linked to it. The drawbacks are those of the following:

  • It is very costly to build a dam, the government needs to ensure strict regulations are followed and very high quality is established.
  • In order to become profitable enough to compensate for the high construction costs, they must work for several years.
  • It is important to evacuate people living in towns and villages in the surrounding area, in which there are risks of flooding. They are losing their farms.
  • People are often physically displaced to set up hydro-power plants and this raises a significant ethical problem.
  • The construction of large dams can cause serious modifications to the earth’s surface and contribute to geological harm. It can trigger frequent earthquakes, but modern dam preparation and design have minimized the risk of such incidents.

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