Alcohol, CNG and LPG are inflammable substances. (True or False). Also write the false statements in their correct form.


Alcohol, CNG [Compressed Natural Gas] and LPG [Liquified Petroleum Gas] burn on ignition. So, these three elements are inflammable substances.

CNG[Compressed Natural Gas]

  • Its primary use is as an alternative for fuel in automobiles.
  • The primary component in CNG is methane.
  • It produces relatively lower quantities of greenhouse gases (in comparison with LPG).
  • It is relatively safe as it disperses rapidly into the air.

LPG [Liquified Petroleum Gas]

  • It has various uses such as heating and cooking in homes. LPG also has industrial and agricultural uses.
  • The primary component in LPG is propane and butane.
  • It produces relatively large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.
  • It is highly flammable as it is much heavier than air.

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