All the human races like Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans and others might have evolved from a common ancestor. Provide a few evidences in support of this view.

All human beings have emerged from a common ancestor as they have the maximum number of common characters. All humans are a single species irrespective of their race. All of them have a common body plan, structure, physiology and metabolism. All of them have a constant chromosome number, that is, 46, their genetic makeup is also similar, almost 99.9% DNA is same in all humans. And also all the humans can freely inter-breed to produce offsprings. Not only this, study of evolution of human beings indicates that all of us come from Africa. Moreover, all human beings can interbreed with each other which shows that all of them belong to the same species. Some common characters of all human beings are –

a. Body hairs.

b. Similar body design.

c. Similar brain size.

d. Ability to handle tools.

e. Ability to communicate.

f. Bipedal locomotion.

g. Highly complex social behaviour.

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