Amoeba acquires its food through a process, termed (1) exocytosis (2) endocytosis (3) plasmolysis (4) exocytosis and endocytosis both.

Answer: (2) endocytosis

Endocytosis is taking in the matter by a living cell by invagination of its membrane to form a vacuole. Substances that are foreign to a cell are carried into the cell during endocytosis. In exocytosis, membrane-bound vesicles that contain cellular molecules are transported to the cell membrane.

  • Endocytosis is a form of active transport in which a cell transports molecules into the cell by engulfing them in an energy-using process.
  • This method has opted because chemical substances important to cells such as large polar molecules that cannot pass through the hydrophobic plasma or cell membrane by passive means can be obtained easily.

Nutrition in Amoeba

The different processes involved in holozoic nutrition in amoeba are:


The process of bringing food into the body, either by swallowing or absorbing it, is known as ingestion. The pseudopodia of the amoeba are pushed out to encircle and devour the food, forming a food vacuole. Phagocytosis is the term for this process.


The process of digestion involves breaking down insoluble and big food molecules into soluble and minute molecules. The food vacuoles in amoeba are taken deeper into the cell, where the huge insoluble particles are broken down to the simplest molecules with the help of digestive enzymes.


The nutrients from the digested food material are absorbed into the cytoplasm of the cell while the undigested particles are left behind. Diffusion is the term for this process. Glycogen and lipids are accumulated as a result of the excess diet.


Assimilation is the process of obtaining energy from the absorbed food molecules. In amoeba, absorbed food molecules are utilized for producing the energy required to carry out different life processes within the cell.


Egestion is the process of excretion of undigested food material. In amoeba, this process is carried out by rupturing the cell membrane to remove the undigested food material from its body.

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