Amoeba acquires its food through a process, termed (a) exocytosis (b) endocytosis (c) plasmolysis (d) exocytosis and endocytosis both

b) Endocytosis

Endocytosis is the process of internalisation of substances into the cell. The substance gets surrounded by the cell membrane and then buds off inside the cell forming a vesicle. Pinocytosis and phagocytosis are types of endocytosis. Amoeba engulfs its food by the process of endocytosis with the help of pseudopodia.

  • The receptor-mediated endocytosis takes place when the particular molecule in fluids wrapping cells associated with specialized receptors in the plasma membrane.
  • As seen in the pinocytosis, the plasma membrane folds inwards and forms a vesicle.

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