Among the following, which country suffered disintegration due to political fights on the basis of religious and ethnic identities? a) Belgium b) India c) Yugoslavia d) Netherlands

Answer: The correct answer is option (C) – Yugoslavia

  • The social division in Yugoslavia ended with the disintegration of Yugoslavia and creation of 6 different countries. This social division was caused by political competition along religious and ethnic lines.
  • Conflict may arise from political divisions which are created by the social divisions, which already exist in the society, and fractures arise when the political parties begin competing on this social division.
  • Conflicts can later even lead to violence and ultimately into disintegration of the country.
  • It has taken place in many countries.
  • In the fight between the Nationalists and security forces of the UK combined with Unionists, resulted in the killing of hundreds of security forces personnel, militants and civilians but a peace treaty in 1998 helped in stopping the armed struggle.
  • There will be competition among political parties in a democracy.
  • Society has a tendency to get divided due to their competition.
  • In most of the countries one or the other kind of social divisions exists.
  • Social differences can unite different people as well as divide similar people.
  • Tensions and deep social divisions are possibly created when the social differences are overlapping.

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