An archer shoots an arrow in the air horizontally. However, after moving some distance, the arrow falls to the ground. Name the initial force that sets the arrow in motion. Explain why the arrow ultimately falls down.


The archer shoots an arrow by stretching the bowstring with muscular force. When the string is released, it reverts to its previous position, providing the initial force that drives the arrow horizontally. The downward force of gravity works on the arrow, and as a result, the arrow eventually dropped to the floor.


Gravity is a force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass. A few examples of gravity at work are:

  • The gases in the sun are held together by gravity.
  • Gravity is responsible for water to rest at the bottom of a glass instead of hovering over at the top of the glass.

Muscular force

Muscular power is the power applied to utilize portions of the body like arms or legs. It is a force that results because of the action of muscles and is a contact force since there is contact between the surfaces. Muscular force is required whenever the movement of the body occurs. Strolling, lifting, getting up from a seat, crossing a leg, and so on all require muscular force.

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