An electric current can produce (a) heating effect only. (b) chemical effect only. (c) magnetic effect only. (d) chemical, heating, and magnetic effects.

Answer: (d) chemical, heating, and magnetic effects.

Electric Current is the rate of flow of electrons in a conductor. The SI Unit of electric current is the Ampere.

Coulombs per second is the unit of measurement for electric current. The Ampere is the SI unit of electric current and is represented by the letter A. Ampere is defined as one coulomb of charge moving past a point in one second. The electrical current running through our frame is one ampere if there are 6.241 x 1018 electrons flowing through it in one second.

  • When an electric current flows through a conducting solution, it causes a chemical reaction. This is a chemical effect of electric current.
  • When a current of electricity runs through the bulb. Its filament heats up, and the bulb begins to glow. This is the electric current’s heating effect.
  • A magnetic field is created when an electric current is transmitted via a circuit. This is the electric current’s magnetic effect.

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