An element is sonorous and highly ductile. Under which category would you classify this element? What other characteristics do you expect the element to possess?


An element which is sonorous and highly ductile can be classified as metal.


Metals are minerals or substances that form naturally below the surface of the Earth. Most metals are lustrous or shiny. Metals ate inorganic, which means they are made of substances that were never alive.

Physical properties of metals

Some physical properties of metals are listed below.

  • Lustrous in nature
  • Metal is a good conductor of electricity and heat
  • Density and melting point is high
  • Mouldable
  • Ductile
  • At room temperature, it is in solid form except for mercury
  • Opaque

Chemical properties of metals

Some chemical properties of metals are listed below.

  • Easily corrodible
  • Can lose electrons
  • Form basic oxides
  • Have low electronegativities
  • Good reducing agents

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