An emulsion is a colloidal solution formed by mixing (A)Two immiscible liquids (B) Two missile liquid (C) Any two solid (D) Any two gases

Answer: (A) Two immiscible liquids

An emulsion can be defined as a colloid consisting of two or more non-homogenous types of liquids wherein one of the liquids contains the dispersion of the different forms of liquids. An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible.

Classification of emulsion

An emulsion is classified into (i) oil in water type emulsion and (ii) water in oil type emulsion according to the classification of the dispersed phase and dispersed medium.

  • Oil in water (O/W)

In this type of emulsion, the oil will be the dispersed phase and water will be the dispersion medium. The best example of o/w emulsion is milk. In milk, the fat globules are suspended in water.

  • Water in oil (w/o)

In this type, water will be the dispersed phase and oil will be the dispersion medium. Margarine is an example of water in oil emulsion.

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