An object is moving with acceleration but with uniform speed. Is it possible or no?. Give example.


An object moving in a circular path with uniform speed, i.e covering equal distance in equal amount of time is still under acceleration. Because, the velocity keeps on changing due to continuous change in the direction of motion. Therefore, circular motion is an example of an object moving with an acceleration but with uniform speed.

Uniform circular motion

A circular motion is described as a body movement that follows a circular path. Uniform Circular Motion is the motion of a body travelling at a constant speed along a circular path. The speed remains constant, but the velocity varies.

Examples of uniform circular motion

The instances of uniform circular motion are as follows:

  • The motion of electrons around its nucleus.
  • The motion of blades of the windmills.
  • Motion of artificial satellites around the earth is an example of uniform circular motion. The gravitational force from the earth makes the satellites stay in the circular orbit around the earth.

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