An Object Is Placed At A Distance Of 30Cm From A Concave Lens Of Focal Length 15Cm. List Four Characteristic (Nature, Position, Etc)Of The Image Formed By The Lens

The concave lens produces a virtual, erect diminished image.

Using Real Is Positive RIP Convention, u=30 and f=-15

1/u + 1/v = 1/f

1/30 + 1/v= −1/15

1/v = −1/15 − 1/30 = −3/30 =−1/10

v= −10M

v/u= −1/3

Therefore, the image formed by the lens is

  1. Erect
  2. Virtual
  3. 1/3 size of the object
  4. 10 cm between lens and object

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