An object of mass 40 kg is raised to a height of 5 m above the ground. What is its potential energy? If the object is allowed to fall, find its kinetic energy when it is half-way down


Mass of the object = 40kg

Height = 5m

Find out

We need to find Potential energy and also  its kinetic energy when it is half-way down


Potential energy (U)  is given by the expression,

U= mgh


m = Mass of the object

h = Vertical displacement

g = Acceleration because of gravity = 9.8 ms-2

W= 40 X 9.8 X 5

W= 1960 J

At half-way down, the Kinetic energy of the item are going to be

At this time, the item has an equal quantity of potential and K.E.

This can be due to law of conservation of energy. Hence, half-way down, the K.E. of the object can be calculated as

1960 J/ 2 = 980 J

half way down = 980 J

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