An Organic Compound With The Molecular Formula Propiophenone (C9H10O) Forms 2,4-dnp Derivative, Reduces Tollens Reagent And Undergoes Cannizzaro Reaction. On Vigorous Oxidation, It Gives 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic Acid. Identify The Compound.

The given molecular formula \(C_{9}H_{10}O \) forms 2,4-DNP derivative and also reduces Tollens reagent. Therefore, the given compound must be an aldehyde.

Again, the compound undergoes Cannizzaro reaction and on oxidation, it gives 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid.

Therefore, the -CHO group is directly attached to the benzene ring and this benzaldehyde is ortho- di-substituted.

Hence, the given is 2-ethylbenzaldehyde.



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