Anaerobic bacteria digest animal waste and produce biogas (Change – A). The biogas is then burnt as fuel (Change – B). The following statements pertain to these changes. Choose the correct one. (i) Process – A is a chemical change. (ii) Process – B is a chemical change (iii) Both processes A and B are chemical changes. (iv) None of these processes is a chemical change

Answer: (iii) Both processes A and B are chemical changes

Physical change – A substance is said to undergo a physical change when only the physical properties such as the shape, size, colour, state or appearance of the substance change. Its chemical composition remains intact.

Chemical change – A substance is said to undergo a chemical change when the chemical properties of a substance alter. As a result, there is either formation or breaking of atomic bonds at the molecular level.

  • The decomposition of animal waste produces biogas.
  • A chemical change is illustrated by the decomposition process, which involves changes in the composition of the components involved. As a result, Process A is an instance of chemical transformation.
  • When biogas is burnt, it undergoes chemical transformation, resulting in the formation of new products.
  • In response to the question, it’s important to note that both processes A and B involve chemical changes.

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