_________ and _________ fibres are obtained from animals.

Silk and wool fibres are obtained from animals.


Fibres are obtained from plants as well as animals. The example of fibre obtained from plants is cotton fibre (obtained from cotton plants). The examples of fibres obtained from animals are silk and wool. Silk fibre is obtained from silk moth. Wool fibre is obtained from fleece (hair) of sheep/yak/goat.The most commonly known form of silk is the one that is obtained from the cocoons (that are produced in captivity) by the silkworm larvae of the Bombyx mori species. The term ‘Wool’ is generally used to refer to the animal fibres that are derived from the furs of animals that belong to the Caprinae family. Although wool can be usually sourced to sheep fur, it is not uncommon for wool to be harvested from other animals such as rabbits, goats, and alpacas.

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