Aniline is insoluble in water because:

Aniline is insoluble in water because of the large hydrocarbon part that retards the formation of an H-bond. So it is insoluble in water.


Anilines are the organic compounds in the class of group coming in organic chemistry which are also called aminobenzene or phenylamine.

Aniline is insoluble in water

  • Aniline does not undergo hydrogen bonding due to the presence of benzene which is hydrophobic.
  • The benzene rings in aniline break more hydrogen bonds between water molecules than are reformed between water and the -NH2 groups.
  • The water molecules also disrupt fairly strong van der Waals attractions between the aniline molecules.
  • Due to these effects dissolving aniline in water isn’t possible, and so aniline is insoluble in water.

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