Animals exhibiting external fertilisation produce a large number of gametes. Pick the appropriate reason from the following. (a) The animals are small in size and want to produce more offsprings. (b) Food is available is plenty of water. (c) To ensure a better chance of fertilisation. (d) Water promotes the production of a large number of gametes.

c) To ensure better chance of fertilisation.

The external fertilisation is the process of fusion of male and female gametes outside the body or in outer environment. As animal releases gametes in the external environment, there are the minimum chances of fertilisation and thus, large number of male gametes are produced to ensure better chances of fertilisation.

  • The success rate of fertilisation is very low.
  • Unlike internal fertilisation, numerous gametes need to be produced by the male and female to ensure reproductive success.
  • A water body is required to initiate external fertilisation. The sperms would die on land.
  • It is a reproductive disadvantage for most of the animals because most of the gametes die without being fertilized.
  • External fertilisation is, however, a simple reproductive strategy which does not require the involvement of any hormones or mating rituals.

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