Answer the following questions on the Battle of Plassey and Buxar: (a) Who was the Nawab of Bengal in 1757? (b) Who introduced the subsidiary Alliance? (c) Name the policy of Lord Dalhousie (d) When was Queen Victoria's proclamation issued?

(a) Siraj-Ud-Daulah was the Nawab of Bengal in 1757
(b) The subsidiary alliance in India was planned by Lord Wellesley but this term was introduced by French Governor Dupleix
(c) The Doctrine of Lapse was an annexation policy followed widely by Lord Dalhousie when he was India’s Governor-General from 1848 to 1856. The states that were annexed under this policy are Satara, Jaitpur, Sambalpur, Baghat, Udaipur, Jhansi and Nagpur
(d) Queen Victoria’s proclamation was issued in 1858

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