Are Microbes Good?

Yes, there are few microbes which are helpful to humans in several ways.

Microbes are everywhere; they live all around us and are found both inside and outside our body. Few are harmful to humans and some are beneficial.

What are Microbes?

Microbes are minute, unicellular organisms, which are clearly visible only under a microscope. Therefore, they are also referred to as microorganisms. The most common microbes are bacteria, viruses, fungi. There are both harmful and useful microbes. Let us discuss more about beneficial microbes.


There are many bacteria present in our gut which helps in digestion and protects our body from defending the invading pathogens. There are various applications of bacteria in the industrial process for the manufacturing of medicines- antibiotics, biopesticides, fermented food products, and a lot more. Bacteria also help in converting atmospheric nitrogen into the soluble compounds.

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There are many ways in which viruses are beneficial for human welfare. They are widely useful in the medical field to treat, prevent and to control the different types of cancer. They have been used as vectors or a carrier to various target cells. There are many vaccines produced by viruses to treat dreadful diseases like chickenpox, hepatitis B, measles, polio, etc.

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Fungi are good decomposers. There are different types of mushrooms which are used worldwide as a source of nutritious food. Since from the past few decades, yeasts have been widely used in all beverage industries as the fermenting agents for the production of beer, and wine. Baker’s yeast, which is a commonly known fermenting agent used for the making cheese, sauce s, bread, and other bakery food products. Fungi are also useful in the production antibiotics to treat different bacterial infection.

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This was a brief introduction to Are Microbes good? Stay tuned with BYJU’S to learn more in detail about the microbes, and their benefits to human welfare.

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