Aromatic hydrocarbons are also known as__________

Aromatic hydrocarbons are known as Arenes.


Aromatic Hydrocarbons are circularly structured organic compounds that contain sigma bonds along with delocalized pi electrons. They are also referred to as arenes or aryl hydrocarbons. They are also referred to as arenes or aryl hydrocarbons.


Listed below are examples of hydrocarbons

  • Benzene
  • Xylene
  • Naphthalene
  • Anthracene

Properties of aromatic hydrocarbon

Listed below are few properties of hydrocarbon

  • These compounds exhibit aromaticity (additional stability granted by resonance)
  • The ratio of carbon atoms to hydrogen atoms is relatively high in these types of molecules.
  • When burnt, the aromatic hydrocarbons display a strong and sooty flame which is yellow.
  • These compounds generally undergo electrophilic substitutions and nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions.


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