Arrange the following elements in increasing order of their atomic radii. (a) Li, Be, F, N (b) Cl, At, Br I


Atomic radius is half the distance between adjacent atoms of the same element in a molecule.

  • In general, the atomic radius decreases as we move from left to right in a period, and it increases when we go down a group.
  • There are some small exceptions, such as the oxygen radius being slightly greater than the nitrogen radius. Within a period, protons are added to the nucleus as electrons are being added to the same principal energy level.

(a) Li, Be, F, N

F < N < Be < Li as the atomic radii decreases along a period.

These elements are in the same period and atomic radii decrease from left to right.

(b) Cl, At, Br, I

CI < Br < I < At as the atomic radii increase down a group.

These elements are in the same group and are atomic radii increases from top to bottom.

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