Arrange the following elements in the order of their decreasing metallic character Na, Si, Cl, Mg, Al (a) Cl > Si >Al > Mg >Na (b) Na >Mg >Al >Si > Cl (c) Na > Al > Mg > Cl > Si (d) Al > Na> Si > Ca> Mg

Answer: (b) Na >Mg >Al >Si > Cl

The term “metallic character” refers to a set of chemical characteristics that are linked with metals. The majority of metals are malleable and ductile, meaning they can be deformed without breaking. As you move from left to right across a period in the table, the metallic character decreases. As you proceed down the periodic table, the metallic character becomes greater.

  • The metallic character is the tendency of an element to lose electrons and form positive ions or cations. Alkali metals are the most electropositive elements.
  • The non-metallic character is the tendency of an element to accept electrons and form negative ions or anions. Chlorine and oxygen are the most electronegative elements.
  • Na has 1, magnesium has 2, aluminium has 3 and Chlorine has 7 electrons in its valence shells. Hence Sodium shows maximum metallic characters followed by Magnesium, aluminium and chlorine shows non-metallic properties.
  • Metallic characteristic decreases across a period on moving right. Therefore, the order comes out to be Na > Mg > Al > Si > Cl.

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