Article 324, Clauses 1 to 6 of the Indian Constitution deal with the composition of the _______.

Article 324, Clauses 1 to 6 of the Indian Constitution deal with the composition of the election The Constitution of India has established a permanent and independent body to ensure and conduct free and fair elections in the country known as the Election Commission. The commission is completely responsible for holding Lok Sabha elections of India.commission.

What is article 324?

The Constitution furnishes the Election Commission of India with the power of direction, superintendence, and handles the elections to parliament, state legislatures, the office of president of India and the office of vice-president of India. The Election Commission is an all-India body which is common to both the Central government and the State governments. The commission does not deal with the elections to the Municipalities and Panchayats in the states. Therefore, a separate State Election Commission is provided by the Constitution of India.

Composition of Election Commission

Article 324 of the Constitution has made the following allocations with regard to the composition of election commission:

  • The President appoints the Chief Election Commissioner and other election commissioners of the election committee.
  • When any other Election Commissioner is so appointed, the CEC behaves as the Election Commission’s Chairman.
  • The President has also the right to appoint regional commissioners to assist the Commission, after consulting with the Election Commission.
  • The tenure of office and the conditions of service of all the commissioners is mainly determined by the country’s President.

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