Artificial magnets are made in different shapes such as __________, __________ and ____________.

Artificial magnets are made in different shapes such as bar magnets, horse-shoe magnetsandcylindrical magnets.

Artificial magnets can be created by doping iron, nickel, and/or cobalt with other elements. Doping with rare earth materials has been particularly successful, producing very strong magnets.

There are two types of artificial magnets: temporary and permanent.

  • Temporary magnets are magnets that aren’t always magnetic, but their magnetism can be turned on at will.
  • Permanent magnets are those magnets whose magnetic strength never fades.

Permanent artificial magnets can also be made to suit the application they’re for. They can be made so that the magnet’s north and south poles are located at specific spots. For example, a ring magnet can be made so that the north pole is on the outside and the South Pole is on the inside, or with the North Pole on the inside and the South Pole on the outside.

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