Ascaris is a _______


Ascaris is a parasitic worm.


Ascariasis is a parasitic disease caused by a massive roundworm called Ascaris. Humans are infected with parasitic helminths such as Ascaris and Wuchereria. The roundworm is a pale white, long, slender tube-like worm that resides in people’s intestines. The roundworm can be found in the faeces of a person who has been infected with it as larvae. In humans, flies are believed to be the vector for roundworms. Roundworms are normally asymptomatic, but based on the number of roundworms present, symptoms may occur.

Symptoms of ascariasis

Fever, shortness of breath, malnutrition, stomach swelling, and diarrhoea are all symptoms of the disease. This infection has the greatest effect on infants.

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