Asiatic lions are found in which of the following states? a) Gujarat b) Assam c) Jharkand d) Shimla

(a) Gujarat

Asiatic lions are found in the Gir forest in Gujarat.

Asiatic lion

The Asiatic Lion (also known as the Persian Lion or Indian Lion) is a member of the Panthera Leo Leo subspecies that is confined to India. The Asiatic Lion is one of the five pantherine cats native to India. The others being: the Bengal Tiger, the Indian Leopard, Snow Leopard and the Clouded Leopard.

Characteristics of the Asiatic Lion

Listed below are characteristics of the Asiatic Lion

  • The colour of the Asiatic Lion varies from sandy or buffish grey to silvery sheen in certain lightings.
  • The males have a moderate mane growth at the top, contrasted to their African counterparts, as such their ears are visible.
  • The lion has a larger tail buff in comparison with the African lion.
  • The most striking characteristic character of the Indian lion is a longitudinal fold of skin along its belly.

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