Bacteria have a simpler body plan when compared with human beings. Does it mean that human beings are more evolved than bacteria? Provide a suitable explanation.

It depends on the way we evaluate evolution. If the complexity of the body is a parameter then Human are far superior to bacteria. Bacteria have a cellular level of organization and humans have an organ level organization. On the other hand, if we consider the ability of survival bacteria have evolved more than human beings. Humans can live in any environment but with artificial protection. Humans cannot live in a harsher climate whereas bacteria can be found anywhere on earth. They can survive even harsh climates such as Hydrothermal vents, sulphur springs.

  • Human beings are living in almost every part of the earth but they can live only on land.
  • Moreover, in extreme environmental conditions, human beings make artificial facilities to counter adverse conditions.
  • This means their body is not adapted to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

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