Balance the reaction. Fe2O3 + CO → Fe + CO2


The representation of a chemical reaction in the form of substances is known as a chemical equation. The equation in which the number of atoms of all the molecules is equal on both sides of the equation is known as a balanced chemical equation.

The given equation is

Fe2O3 + CO → Fe + CO2

To balance the given equation we have to note the number of atoms present om both sides

Atom Reactant Side Product Side
Fe 2 1
O 4 2
C 1 1


From the above table, we note that

  • There are two iron atoms on the reactant side. So, we have to add coefficient 2 before iron on the product side
  • There are four oxygen atoms on the reactant side. So, we have to add a coefficient of 2 before carbon dioxide on the product side.

Fe2O3 + CO → 2Fe + 2CO2

  • To make the carbon atoms equal let us add coefficient 3 on both sides of the reaction.

The balanced chemical equation is

Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2Fe + 3CO2
Check out the video given below to know how to balance chemical equations

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