Ballari Siddamma belonged to village _____

Ballari Siddamma was born in 1903 to a traditional family in today’s Haveri District’s Dundasi Village. Her father was Kottege Basappa. Though he was a businessman by profession,
he was interested in the freedom struggle. Her father used to bring newspapers and periodicals for Siddamma. These made her to develop nationalist thoughts.

Ballari Siddamma

  • She was married to another freedom fighter Murugappa, it became easy for her to participate in the freedom struggle completely.
  • By 1930s, freedom struggle was at its peak in Mysuru state.
  • It was led by Sardar Veeranna Gowda, S. Nijalingappa and T. Siddalingaiah.
  • Ballari Siddamma participated in the Convention of Congress party at Shivapura in 1938.
  • She courted arrest by hoisting the flag on April 13, 1938. She was imprisoned for a month.
  • She was the first woman to participate in hoisting the flag in the state of Mysuru.

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