Based on the information given below classify each of the situations as ‘suffering from water scarcity’ or ‘not suffering from water scarcity’. (a) A region with high annual rainfall. (b) A region having high annual rainfall and large population. (c) A region having high annual rainfall but water is highly polluted. (d) A region having low rainfall and low population.

(a)Not suffering from water scarcity

(b)Suffering from Water scarcity

(c)Suffering from water scarcity

(d)Not Suffering from water scarcity.

  • In urban areas there are many large colonies or housing societies which make use of their own groundwater pumping devices to meet water requirements. This has led to massive depletion of groundwater resources as there is not much scope for replenishing itself.
  • Another major problem behind water scarcity is pollution of water resources due to fertilisers, pesticides, chemicals, domestic and industrial wastes, thus making the water unusable even if there is ample water.
  • Due to rapidly increasing population, there is more demand for food, which in turn leads to more demand for water for personal use and for increasing food grain production as well which leads to over exploitation of water resources during dry season months and to expand irrigated areas.

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