Between whom was the Lahore treaty signed?

The treaty of Lahore was signed between the British and Sikhs. This treaty declared the end of the first Anglo- Sikh war during the yar 1845-1846. The East India Company and Maharaja Duleep Singh Bahadur concluded it. The treaty was signed basically on the fact that these two parties agreed to not shelter each other’s enemy and not interfere with each other’s affairs.

Treaty of Lahore-1846

  • Maharaja Duleep Singh, who was the ruler of Punjab continued to remain its ruler with his mother Jindan Kaur as regent.
  • The Sikhs had to surrender the Jalandhar Doab to the British.
  • The Sikhs were asked to pay a very huge war insurance to the British. As they could not afford whole of it, part of it was paid and to make up for the remaining, Kashmir, Hazarah and all territories between the Beas and the Indus Rivers were given to the British.
  • The Sikhs were asked to limit their army to a certain and small number.
  • In addition to all these a British Resident, Sir Henry Lawrence was appointed to the Sikh court.

First Anglo-Sikh War

  • Major Broad was placed in Amritsar which was the East India Company’s agent in 1843.
  • The British were closely watching the developments taking place in the Punjab political front and expected territorial ambitions there as in other parts of the subcontinent.
  • The Sikh forces overruled and crossed the Sutlej in December 1845 and took offensive positions against the British forces.
  • Consecutively battles were fought in different places and the British victory at Sobraon led to the signing of the Lahore Treaty in 1846 which ended the war.

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