BF3 Is _______ (A)Lewis Acid (B) Ionic Compound(C) Electron Deficient Compound.(D)Both (A) And (C)

The correct answer is (D)Both (A) And (C)

BF3 is Lewis acid.

The boron in BF3 is electron-deficient and has an empty orbital. Hence it accepts a pair of electrons, making it a Lewis acid.

BF3 is an electron-deficient compound.

Boron(B) atom has 3 electrons in its outermost shell and forms 3 single covalent bonds with fluorine and attains 6 electrons. Since Boron(B) is in need of two more electrons to complete its octet, Thus it accepts a lone pair through coordinating covalent bond from fluorine(f) to complete its octet.

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