Boojho, Paheli and their friend Golu were provided with a test tube each containing China rose solution which was pink in colour. Boojho added two drops of solution ‘A’ in his test tube and got a dark pink colour. Paheli added 2 drops of solution ‘B’ to her test tube and got green colour. Golu added 2 drops of solution ‘C’ but could not get any change in colour. Suggest the possible cause for the variation in their results.


Since solution A turns China rose colour to dark pink hence Solution A is an acidic solution. solution B turns China rose colour to green colour hence Solution B is a basic solution. Since Solution C did not change the colour of the china rose Solution it is a neutral solution.

Natural indicators

Indicators are chemical compounds that tell us whether a substance is acidic or basic by changing its colour. When added to an acidic solution or a basic solution, indicators change their colour and this change in colour is different for the acids and bases. The indicator thus helps us to decide whether a given solution is acidic or basic in nature.

The indicators that are obtained from plants are known as natural indicators.

Examples of natural indicators

  • Turmeric compound is a naturally occurring yellow colour compound. It is an acid-base indicator, turmeric compound remains yellow when acid or neutral solutions are added to it. When basic solutions such as sodium hydroxide are added to it, the solution turns pinkish-red.
  • China rose converts acidic solution to dark pink, basic solutions to green colour and has no colour change for neutral solutions.

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