Boojho went to a cloth shop. There he found a fabric which was smooth to touch, had vibrant colour and shine. The fabric could be (a) cotton (b) wool (c) silk (d) jute.

c) Silk


Silk clothes have a smooth and shining texture. It is obtained from cocoon of the silkworm. Silk is a natural protein fibre which can be used as a textile fibre. It is one of the important animal fibres obtained from silkworm.The different types of silk are produced by different types of silkworms. It can be differentiated on the basis of lustre and texture. Few examples are kosa, tassar, mooga, etc. They are produced by various types of silkmoths. One of the common types is the mulberry silkmoth.Rearing of silkworm to produce raw silk is called sericulture. In this process, silkworms are reared at appropriate temperature and humidity to get silk threads from cocoons.

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